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welcome to Room 5 2017-18


IMG 0085


Our fantastic visit from Akiko and caligraphy workshop .


We are working on Autumn pictures and experimenting with colour mixing . 






Great drawing workshop in Number 29 ! Happy national drawing day !

Welcome back to a new set of Room 5 students 2015/16 !  Keep checking back for news of what is going on in the class this year!
This September we are working on the theme of weather! We will be doing Science, Geography, Visual Arts, English and Maths all based around our theme. Here are some websites we will be using:
Here are some pictures of our work. We have learned about clouds, wind, the water cycle and temperature. We also visited the Strange Weather exhhibition in the science gallery and got to be weather forecasters on the big screen! piccloudsforecastgirlsboysphoto 
cloudscloud id