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Congratulations to all our fabulous authors from our Write a book project! Medals presented by Minister O'Gorman in our lush garden today !

write a book winners


photos from the National Gallery by Jack Caffrey the Pimlico Project 

gallery r6gallery room 9gallery 4

Yesterday Rooms 9, 5 and 6  were lucky to be invited to the National Gallery for a pilot schools visit making us the only school in the country to see inside the gallery this year! 

gallery strongbowgallery 3

room 6 garden

June 2021 

June is always an extra busy month at Catherine Mc Auley ns and despite Covid restrictions this June is as busy as ever. Bubble 1 had a fantastic tour of the zoo, Bubble 2 are going to ZIpit on June 17th and Bubble 3 are doing a full sports skills day on June 18th. We have also had a  fabulous visit from our friendly farmer Eoin! Also our creative schools module is continuing so that everyone in the school gets a chance at being a filmaker thanks to Emmet and Burning House productions. 

See photos below ! PHOTO 2021 06 11 11 13 09IMG 6064farmPHOTO 2021 06 11 11 09 38 







Remembering our wonderful Sophia

Our school community is devastated by the loss of Sophia, who was in 6th class.  We are thinking of her family, friends, classmates and friends on the school bus at this very difficult time.  Our work to support all students is ongoing. 



Summer/July Provision 2021

While Ministers Madigan and Foley announced the Summer Provision scheme last week  all schools are still awaiting the detail/guidelines for the scheme which have not been released yet.  

When this information is published, we will then be able to consider if it is possible to run a school based programme.  We will be back in touch with you to let you know if this is possible, and provide further details.


Catherine McAuley NS super star film makers! 

As part of the Creative Schools initiative Emmet from Burning House Productions worked with Bubble 3 students in Term 2 to help them shoot and edit short films.  Their films were selected to be part of the 'Creative Schools' showcase of Irish talent in our classrooms. They are included in episode 3 and can be viewed using this link

Well done to all students and their teachers


Room 8 - backwards poetry 14/5/21

For their assembly presentation, the students of Room 8 read their amazing backwards poetry.  Their poems were absolutely brilliant!!  Well done.

14.5.21 r8 backwards poetry


Room 1 Amazing Art!

Well done to these really creative students who love working together 

r1 term 3 6


r1 t 3 1


r1 term 3 5


r1 term 3 2


r1 term 3 4


r1 term 3 3


Star Awards: Bubble 1 and Bubble 3 30/4/21

Star award students from Bubble 1

30.4.21 r1


30.4.21 r4


30.4.21 r10


Star Award Students from Bubble 3

30.4.21 r3


30.4.21 r5


30.4.21 r6


30.4.21 r9


Bubble 2 Assembly 23/4/21

Room 2 did a fantastic presentation on individuals they researched and learned about who were really important figures in the 1916 rising. Superb work and presentation!!

Room 2 1916 1


Room 2 1916 2


Star awards students from Room 2

stars r 2 23.4.21


Star awards students from Room 7

stars r 7 23.4.21


Star Award students from Room 8

stars rm 8 23.4.21



Write a book celebration treat!  

19.4.21   All of our students did such a fantastic job on their 'Write a Book' projects that we had a special whole school ice-cream treat to say well done for all of their hard work and perseverance.  Well done to all!


Ice cream 1


Ice cream 2


Ice cream 3


Ice cream 4


Ice cream 5


Ice cream 6


Ice cream 7


Ice cream 8


16.4.21  We were delighted to welcome all students back after the Easter Break.  As we begin our final term - this week was a time for students to settle back to the school routine and resume their habits of hard work.

All students have completed writing their very own book for the 'Write a Book' project.  This is such an incredible achievement for every single one of our students and we are so proud of your achievements!!

Room 1 did an absolutely brilliant assembly in the garden where thet presented their amazing Write a Books!! These students are the youngest class in Catherine McAuley NS, and produced the most INCREDIBLE selection of fact/fiction/horror books.  Brooke wrote about her experience in making the change to come to Catherine McAuley NS - and what that has been like for her.  Well done to all of the students in Room 1 for presenting their wonderful stories!


Rm 1 write a books


Star Award Students from Room 1

rm 1 16.4.21


Star Award Students from Room 4

rm 4 16.4.21


Star Award Students from Room 10

rm 10 16.4.21


Star Award Students from Room 3

rm 3 16.4.21


Star Award Students from Room 5

rm 5 16.4.21


Star Award Students from Room 6

rm 6 16.4.21



Reminder re: school closure this week!! Catherine McAuley NS is closed on 17th, 18th and 19th of March.  We are looking forward to welcoming our students back on Monday 22nd of March.  Please support your child to read each day.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!


st patricks banner 2

Even though we are still not able to celebrate this special day as we normally would - we had great fun in school on Tuesday preparing for our national day.

Look at this fantastic video from Room 10 students with their Kerry Polka! Click here

In non-covid times we would usually gather as a whole school in one room and have a 'Hat Parade' with hats that students crafted themselves. 

Room 1 kept this tradition going this year - and treated room 2 to a wonderful hat parade.  Watch their fab parade here


Throughout the school our creative students produced beautiful hats, cards and art.


st patricks day room 8.1

st patricks day room 8.2

st patricks day room 8.3

t patricks day rm 6 1

t patricks day rm 6 2

t patricks day rm 6 3

t patricks day rm 6 4

t patricks day rrom 1.1

t patricks day rrom 1.2

t patricks day rrom 1.3

t patricks day rrom 1.4


We hope you all have a great day today!!

st patricks banner 1


Star Award Students!  Friday 12th March

Well done to all of our star award recipients


Room 1

rm 1 star awards


Room 2

rm 2 star awards 12.3.21


Room 3

rm 3 star awards 12.3.21


Room 4

rm 4 star awards 12.3.21


Room 5

Rm 5 star awards 12.3.21


Room 6

rm 6 star awards 12.3.21


Room 7

rm 7 star awards 12.3.21


Room 8

rm 8 star awards 12.3.21


Room 9

Ms Ní Chinnéide totally cheated - and gave all of her students a star award for their fantastic and consistent hard work on their 'Write a Book' project!  Well done to all!


Room 10

rm 10 star awards 12.3.21



Well done to all of our students for their hard work during the last period of online learning.  You have been working so hard at home.  This lockdown has been really tough - we are very proud of all of your efforts and consistent hard work.

Here are some photos from our first few weeks back in the building.

Room 1 

Star award pupils and some of our super-stars on World Book Day!

star awards rm1 5.3.21


rm 1 world book day


Room 3

Some pre-Christmas photos of trips and our Christmas production.  Star award winners from our last assembly.

trip 1

trip 2

trip 3

play 1

play 2

play 3

play 4

play 5

rm 3 star awards 5.3.21


Room 4

Star award winners from our first assembly of term 2

rm 4 star awards 5.3.21


Room 5

Engineers week projects and star award students from our first assembly in Term 2

engineers week 1

engineers week 2

engineers week 3

engineers week 4

star awards rm 5 5.3.21

Room 6

Here are some of our Engineers Week projects, and our star award students.

rm 6 engineers wk 1

rm 6 engineers wk 2

rm 6 engineers wk 3

rm 6 engineers wk 4

rm 6 engineers wk 5

rm 6 engineers wk 6

rm 6 engineers wk 7

rm 6 engineers wk 8

rm 6 engineers wk 9

rm 6 engineers wk 10

rm 6 engineers wk 11

rm 6 star awards 5.3.21

 Room 7 

Engineers week projects and star award students.

rm 7 engineers wk 1

rm 7 engineers wk 2

rm 7 engineers wk 3

star awards rm 7 5.3.21


Room 8

Photos from pre-Christmas projects as well as star student award winners.

pre christmas rm 8 1

pre christmas rm 8 2

pre christmas rm 8 3

pre christmas rm 8 4

pre christmas rm 8 5

pre christmas rm 8 6

pre christmas rm 8 7

pre christmas rm 8 8

Check out our video here

engineers wk rm 8 2

Room 9

Here are some photos of our bridge building during engineers week, and also our star award pupils.

engineers wk rm 9 1

engineers wk rm 9 2

engineers wk rm 9 3

engineers wk rm 9 4

engineers wk rm 9 5

engineers wk rm 9 6

engineers wk rm 9 7

engineers wk rm 9 8

engineers wk rm 9 9

engineers wk rm 9 10

engineers wk rm 9 11

star awards rm 9 5.3.21


Room 10

Here we are presenting our animal reports with 3D models!!

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 1

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 2

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 3

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 4

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 5

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 6

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 7

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 8

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 9 rm 10 animal report with 3d models 10

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 11

rm 10 animal report with 3d models 10


End of term arrangements 

We will close at 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd of December.  Well done to all students on a fantastic term of hard work!  It has been wonderful to see your progress, and we look forward to even more progress in the New Year.

Dont forget to keep up your reading over the Christmas break - teachers will provide a reading log to keep track of the reading your child completes. Please support your child by making time to read with them each day of the holidays.  It is so important that students keep on reading over the break so that the progress and gains they have made are not lost!!

We look forward to welcoming student back for the second term which begins on Wednesday the 6th of January.

Prior to our return to school on Wednesday the 6th of January, I will be sending you a pre-return to school questionnaire (on Tuesday 5th of January) that I will need you to fill in and return to me.  This is an essential pre-requisite to the new term.


Raffle in aid of St. Vincent de Paul - Friday 18th December!

We are really looking forward to the raffle that will take place next Friday the 18th of December in aid of St. Vincent de Paul.  At this time of year, especially at the end of such a tough year we are thinking about families who may need some extra support - St. Vincent de Paul work wth families all over Ireland, doing geat work in all of our communities.

Sincere thanks to all of our families who have donated amazing raffle prizes - it is going to be a really exciting bumper raffle this year!  Tickets can be bought in class - 50c per ticket, or five for €2.  We will have a maximum ticket spend of €10 per student - any amount in excess of this can be donated to the total raised.  Thank you for your support, this will really make a difference. 

IMG 6639


IMG 6640


Christmas Productions are almost ready - final edits in progress!

Each class is filming their own production - which will be emailed to you on Friday 18th of December, so that you can view their production together as a family.  While we have had to change from the usual stage production that we would normally join together to do at Christmas - filming our own production in each class has been a great experience!  The students of Catherine McAuley NS never fail to find the silver lining in each situation!  You are in for a real treat at home - watch your email inbox on Friday the 18th of Dec for access to your child's play.

IMG 6592


Bubble 2 Assembly Friday 11th December 2020

Students from Room 8 took a really creative approach to our last assembly before Christmas - and using Irish Sign Language - learned how to sign parts of some of our favourite Christmas songs!! They performed these for Bubble 2 out in the garden.  It was so lovely - they were asked to perform it twice!  You can see a video of their performance here.   

IMG 6613

IMG 6614

IMG 6615


Star award students from Room 2

IMG 6626


Star award students from Room 7

IMG 6624


Star award students from Room 8

IMG 6619


Bubble 3 Assembly Wednesday 9th December 2020

Students from Room 3 presented a fantastically festive assembly on Wednesday of this week all about Christmas traditions in different countries around the world.  They did a wonderful job, and wowed us with their presentation skills! Well done Room 3!!


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Star award students from Room 3

IMG 6565


Star award students from Room 5

IMG 6562


Star award students from Room 6

IMG 6563


Star award students from Room 9

IMG 6567



Bubble 1 Assembly Friday 27th November 2020

As the cold weather is here for the remainder of Winter - we will now have Assemblies in the hall, every three weeks.

This week was Room 1's turn. After thy had wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving - click here to see - it was time for the assembly for Bubble 1. They presented their 'Winter' acrostic poems - and explained to everyone that an acrostic poem uses each of the letters in the word 'Winter' as the first letter in each line of their poem.  They were wonderful performers and shared their individual poems with us.  Watch out for these poems that will be on display this week!  This assembly put us in the Christmas Spirit! Well done Room 1. 


IMG 6376


Star Award winners from Room 1

IMG 6378


Star award winners from Room 4

IMG 6380


Star award winners from Room 10

IMG 6381


Creative Schools in Catherine McAuley NS

We are part of the Creative Schools project - and are working with Emmet Kelly (Creative Director with Burning House Productions) learning how to shoot and edit our own short films!  Emmet is currently working with senior students in Bubble 3, and he is already so impressed by the creativity and skill of our film-makers.  Watch this space - we will keep you posted on our progress!

IMG 5250


IMG 5251


IMG 6330


IMG 6331


IMG 6333


IMG 6334


IMG 6335


IMG 6336


Update from Room 1

Students in Room 1 have been so busy during November - apart from all of their daily Wilson and Maths - they have been busy doing Science experiments, going on local trips in town and getting ready to present their second assembly of the year! Keep up the great work.

IMG 1902


IMG 1906


IMG 1909


IMG 3037


IMG 3039


IMG 3041


IMG 3042


IMG 3043


IMG 3045


A well deserved treat for Room 7 

These hardworking students enjoyed a wintry hot chocolate outdoors - a reward for their hard work!  Well done - and keep up the great work.

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Spooky Hallowee'een Poetry from Room 8

Look at these amazing poems!  Well done - super work.

IMG 6223


IMG 6224


IMG 6225


IMG 6226


IMG 6227


IMG 6228


IMG 6229


IMG 6230


IMG 6231


IMG 6232



Bubble 1 Assembly 13th November 2020

Room 4 did a fantastic presentation on the four provinces of Ireland which was absolutely brilliant!! Each group picked a province - and described two counties in that province - giving lots of detail they had learned during their research.  Awesome job room 4!

Here are the superstars themselves 

Rm 4.1


Rm 4.2


Rm 4.3


Rm 4.4


Star Award Students from Room 4

Rm 4 star awards 13.11.20


Star Award Students from Room 10

Rm 10 star awards 13.11.20


Star Award Students from Room 1

Rm 1 star awards 13.11.20


Bubble 2 Assembly 13th November 2020

Continuing with the theme of places - Room 2 did a superb presentation on the different counties they had been learning about - and had completed projects on.  They presented their projects giving great detail and facts about population, culture, cuisine to name but a few. Brilliant job Room 2!


Here they are with their projects

Room 2.1


Rm 2.2


Rm 2.3


Rm 2.4


Rm 2.5


Rm 2.6


Rm 2.7


Rm 2.8 


Star Award Students from Room 2

Rm 2 star awards 13.11.20


Star Award Students from Room 7

Rm 7 star awards 13.11.20


Star Award Students from Room 8

Rm 8 star awards 13.11.20


Bubble 3 Assembly 13th November 2020
Room 6 told us that October was Black History Month and shared the wonderful art they had created: beautiful masks replicating the African art they had studied.  Each student presented their project on the African country they had chosen to research.  Superb job room 6!
Here are the students presenting their projects
Rm 6.1
Rm 6.2
Rm 6.3
Rm 6.4
Rm 6.5
Rm 6.6
Rm 67
Rm 6.8
Rm 6.9
Star Award Students from Room 6
Star awards rm 6 13.11.20
Star Award Students from Room 3
Star awards rm 3 13.11.20
Star Award Students from Room 5

Star awards rm 5 13.11.20


Star Award Students from Room 9

Star awards rm 9 13.11.20


Science Week 2020!

Look at these fantastic robots that the students of room 3 created as part of their STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) challenge - brilliant work!


20201111 091434


20201111 091451


20201111 091517


Hallowe'en 2020

We had a great day of fun dressing up to celebrate Hallowe'en and also marking the last day of school before the mid term break.  Well done to all of our students on their hard work during the last eight weeks settling into a new term in Catherine McAuley N.S. Enjoy the mid term break!! 


rm 1


rm 3


rm 4


rm 5 yard


rm 6


rm 6 outside


rm 7 additional


rm 8 additional


rm 9 additional


rm 10#


Well done on a super start to the class of 2020/21!

Well done to all of our students for the last six fantastic weeks of settling in to Catherine McAuley NS. Students have worked hard to settle into new routines - and get stuck into lots of hard work:


First Assemblies held - Friday 2nd October

We hold fortnightly assemblies where one class does a short presentation for the rest of the classes in their bubble.  This is usually a presentation of learning that the class has been engaged in - and is developing/practicing the important oral language skills of presenting to a small audience. This may be the first time that students have had the chance to develop these oral language skills - and it is done is a very supportive way.

As part of these fortnightly assemblies, and as part of our whole school rewards and sanctions (in line with our Code of Discipline) teachers give three 'star awards' to students in their class to reward students for a goal they have been working towards/another academic or non acedemic achievement.  This award is read out at the assembly.  Each star award winner receives a special certificate and also gets to choose a prize.  

Each teacher across our three assemblies stated that they could have given a star award to each one of their ten students!  It was very tough to try to narrow this down to three students.  This shows the wonderful standard of new habits and hard work that all of our students have adopted over the past few weeks.  Well done to you all!

Bubble 1 Assembly 2nd October 2020 

Room 1 did a fantastic presentation on 'friendship' which was absolutely wonderful!!  They have set a very high standard for assembly presentations!!  They spoke about what it means to be a friend, and described the traits that they look for in a friend.  They also did a really super role play where the audience had to decide if behaviour was 'friendly' or 'unfriendly'.  Awesome job room 1!

Students from Ms. Cronin's class preparing for their assembly performance

IMG 5299

Star award students from Room 1

IMG 5300


Star award students from Room 4

IMG 5302


Star awards students from Room 10

IMG 5303


Bubble 2 Assembly 2nd October 2020

Room 8 presented a really informative piece on 'landmarks' which was fantasticl!! They presented their final projects which included illustrations and research facts on their chosen landmark.   Awesome job room 8!

Students from Ms. Jackson's class preparing for their assembly performance

IMG 5305


Star award students from Room 8

IMG 5310


Star award students from Room 2

IMG 5312


Star awards students from Room 7

IMG 5307


Bubble 3 Assembly 2nd October 2020

Room 9 presented an assembly that was 'out of this world'!! Each student represented a planet in our solar system using a scaled model they had constructed.  They presented facts about their planet - explaining the different kinds of condition on each planet, and creating a scaled visual representation of the solar system in our very own yard.  Awesome job room 9!

Students from Ms. Ni Chinneide's class during their assembly performance

IMG 5323


IMG 5324


IMG 5325


IMG 5326


IMG 5327


IMG 5328


IMG 5329


IMG 5330


 Star award students from Room 9

IMG 5332


Star award students from Room 3

IMG 5335


Star award students from Room 5

IMG 5336


Star award students from Room 6

IMG 5333



Here is a snapshot of some class activities

Room 1 Class activities and awesome assembly!

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Sharing 'show and tell' with our neighbours in Room 2 via video link

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Our display of our brilliant assembly materials on friendship

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A well deserved treat - popcorn and a movie after our fantastic assembly!

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 Room 2 working hard - and having fun!

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IMG 5185


Room 3 Drama superstars!

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db2ba24c e194 4a84 930c bab3588a91b7


ebed4e7b f821 4af4 96ce 26593260b9f0


 Room 4 Wonderful independent work 


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b381ccc5 b5d3 4e66 8b27 b9e51a4f6566


Room 5 Great independent work:real life maths - budgeting using Lidl magazines!


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Room 6  Working independently - reading and enjoying golden time!

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Room 7 - Striking a pose and enjoying extra P.E./Yard time


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Room 8 Diligent students hard at work!


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Look at our cool video here !


Room 9  Analytic problem solvers!

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Room 10 - Master music makers!

Watch our brilliant video here from our music lesson here !


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Current Covid19 restrictions in Dublin at present

Please be re-assured that we will re-double our efforts to support students to practice frequent handwashing and sanitisation in school - with particular attention on correct technique. We are minimising contact and possible risk of transmission/infection by ensuring children only have contact within nominated 'bubbles'.

Please ensure that your family adheres to the advice being given to all Dubliners (and those who attend school in Dublin!) - it is best summed up in this short video

Please click here for the latest advice for parents/guardians on what to do if your child has symptoms of coronavirus.

It is especially important to note that current advice clearly states that children cannot come to school if they have been given calpol or paracetamol in any form.  They must be 48 hours without any symptoms that necessitate the taking of a paracetamol product.  


Room 4 Mascots

The students in room 4 have been learning about what Dyslexia means for them - and learning about famous people who have a positive attitude to Dyslexia.  They also - quite rightly - identified that Dyslexia is their superpower!  Students also identified other individual superpowers/strengths that they have - see their wonderful display.


Room 4 superpowers 18.9.20

These creative students also designed their ideal school 'mascot' - watch their video showcasing their creative talents here .  Well done Room 4!!


Latest HSE advice for parents 

Here is a link to the hse live page with more detailed information for parents - with particular regard to specific symptoms and what to do.

HSE advice for parents


Please also keep an eye on this section of the DES website  as well as general advice from the HSE here


Catherine McAuley NS is back in business!!

We were so delighted to welcome all our pupils back in on Tuesday of this week.

It is great to be back!!  

Everyone (adults inlcuded) is getting used to early morning again - and as the week draws to a close, our new routines are becoming our "new normal".

Here are a snapshot of our students from this week!


Room 1



Room 1.2




Room 2



Room 2.2


Room 3

Room 3 sept


Room 4

Room 4 sept


Room 5

Room 5 sept


Room 5.1


Room 6

Room 6.1 Sept


Room 6.2 Sept

Room 6 sept


Room 7

Room 7 sept


Room 8

Room 8 sept


Room 9

Room 9 sept


Room 9.1


Room 9.2


Room 9.3


Room 9.4


Room 9.5


Room 9.6


Room 9.7


Room 9.8


Room 9.9


Room 10

Room 10.1


Room 10




Wonderful Work Wall!!

With all of the fantastic work being done at home at the moment  - we wanted to proudly post some of this work.  Please keep an eye on this section of our website as more wonderful work will be added.


Here are some super STEM challenges that room 6 have been up to!  Robots, boats that float, towers, houses of cards, enclosures for teddies, names in 3D as well as life-sized portraits!

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IMG 0177


IMG 20200604 174948


IMG 20200603 WA0004


And check out this great video here


Our next example is some wonderful artwork from Room 6 curated by the faboulas Joan!  What a lovely Summer garden in full bloom!  

Room 6 art work


First up from Room 3 we have some of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and wellbeing assignments.  Students created robots, constructed towers as tall as themselves, created short videos and described things that brought them joy during a typical lockdown day.   

Awesome work, well done!  clapping hands emoji meme 52018095


STEM Challenge Build a Robot

STEM Challenge Awesome Bot


STEM Challenge Reece


STEM Challenge Tower


STEM Challenge Build a Tower as Big as Yourself


 Wellbeing Challenge Three Things that Brought Me Joy Today


Hot off the press!  Lockdown ideas from the superstars of Room 10!!

Click here to see what some of our students have been doing to keep busy during lockdown - when they have finished their work/wilson (of course!!).  Well done to you all - and Ms. Jackson for these great tips.




Learning at home:    Not all heroes wear capes! 


We are in such uncertain times at the moment - and the current necessary measures have changed families lives across the country.  We understand that some family circumstances have changed overnight, and you may be having to deal with very sudden changes to your working arrangements: whether working from home or having to adjust to reduced hours, company closures or caring for family.

We responded as quickly as possible to make sure that children went home with appropriate work as well as maintaining remote contact and providing learning opportunities for students through gmail.  The work we have provided is to help give structure to the day at home - and help students maintain their progress.  

You are doing great!!      clapping hands emoji meme 52018095

Remember - you are not expected to replicate the school day.  Little and often is the best way at the moment

You dont want to end up feeling like this parent   see no evil monkey 

Prioritise reading - and Wilson work if you can

We are here to support you during this time 


Links to readers:    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12    

19/3/2020The Taoiseach announced that school closures may continue into 'April or May'. This is a fluid situation, and we will be in touch with you as soon as we have an update.  Four our condensed information on Coronavirus and school closures please click here

Dont forget - the best strategy for us all at the moment is social distancing

stay safe stay spaced    gothedistance 

                     mind the gap

Congratualtions to all of our students who made their confirmation this term!

For those children who have been confirmed in their own parish - we hope you had a wonderful day of celebration with your families!   Well done to the children who made their confirmation in St. Andrew's Parish on 8th March - it was a really lovely ceremony and you all did us proud!

Confirmation ceremony 8.3.20


Assistive Technology talk for parents - Wednesday 25th March 7pm!!!

Do not miss this!!!!  Using technology to access the curriculum is key for students in Catherine McAuley NS.  We are helping all students to become more proficient with technology during their time here with us.  I am delighted to be able to invite you for a parent talk - definitely not to be missed - with James Northridge from Urability.  James is a leader in the field of Assistive Technology, and is severely Dyslexic himself.  He really understands (first hand) the challenges that you and your child face.  The Board are facilitating this really important talk for parents on Wednesday 25th of March in the school hall at 7pm.  This is a must - do not miss it. 


6th Classes represent Catherine McAuley NS at the ESB Science Blast! 3rd March 2020

Well done to Ms. Kennedy's and Ms. Ni Chinnéide's  6th class students who represented our school at the ESB Science Blast.  Their research and experiemnts were all about the science and engineering of bridges.  They got incredible feedback from the judges - and did a superb job! 


group photo


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Captain's Run - Donnybrook Stadium 28th February 2020

The senior students were lucky enough to get tickets for the captains run held in Donnybrook Stadium.  They got to meet some of their Irish Rugby heroes!  Huge thanks to Karen O'Brien (SNA) who organised this visit for our seniors.

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Election Day in Catherine McAuley NS!

Voting is brisk here this morning in Catherine McAuley!  There is a great turnout in our election for Student Council.  There is a desire for change - and after an enthusiatic campaign, candidates are tired but hopeful.

"6th class students are doing a very efficient job at the polling station"  Ms Kennedy (Returning Officer for this polling station) commented this morning.  Voting cards have been issued to all voters, who present their card at the entry.  They then proceed to the register where their name is ruled out.  Next they receive 'approved' voting ballots - before they go to the polling booth to cast their all important vote, indicating as many preferences as they wish.

Lastly, they post their vote in the senior/junior ballot box!!! We will have more information later on when our exit poll issues, and some early indication from tallies. 


IMG 0251

IMG 0252

IMG 0239    IMG 0242


IMG 0244  IMG 0246

IMG 0241  IMG 0240

IMG 0238  IMG 0235

IMG 0237  IMG 0249 

IMG 0253

Jim O'Callaghan (TD in Dublin Bay South) dropped into the election count centre - and congratulated 6th class on doing such a great job of running the election!

IMG 0257

The count centre!

IMG 0266

The very last count ....being double checked

IMG 0273

Congratulations to our newly elected student council representatives!

IMG 0276     IMG 0279

IMG 0281      IMG 0284

Setting up Parents Association

Thank you to the parents who came along to the meeting last Wednesday evening that was facilitated by Carmel from the National Parents Council.  It was a really positive start to the process!! These parents have agreed to form a working group who will reach out to parents with the ultimate aim of getting a good group of interested parents together to form a Parents Association in the coming weeks. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to make direct contact with this working group if you would like to be involved in the set up.

Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Talk this Wednesday evening 6.30pm!

We are delighted to welcome Ger Brick to our school this Wednesday (5th February) to give an internet safety talk to our 4th/5th/6th class pupils during the school day.  The Board is also funding a parent talk at 6.30pm as this is such an important area - which often spills over into school life. Please attend this talk - we are keen to support you as parents, and Ger will be able to help you navigate some of the necessary structures and boundaries that will help keep your child safe. 



New Year Assemblies

Well done to all students in Rooms 1 and 2 who held the first assemblies of the new year.  They were absolutely fantastic!!

Students from Room 1 told us all about how to be 'bucket fillers' and to watch out for 'bucket dippers'.  They have displayed their colourful examples of both fillers and dippers on the noticeboard just as you come through the front door.  

IMG 3285


IMG 3286


Students from Room 2 presented a superb assembly about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement.  Well done!

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Christmas Performance 18.12.19

Just a reminder that our Christmas performance will take place in the school hall at 11 am sharp on 18.12.19. 

Here is a sneak peek from our rehearsals today....

If you would like to take your child home after the performance is finished - you can collect them from their classroom, and sign them out there (after the performance) as well as letting the bus driver know that they wont be going home on the bus. 

Rehearsal 3

Rehearsal 1

Rehearsal 2



Fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul 13.12.19

Well done to everyone today for all of their efforts and excellent selling skills - we had a wonderful fun day and raised (scroll down for the total amount!) a superb amount for our charity.


Thank you to all parents for your very generous donations of delicious cakes, bric a brac,  jewellery and raffle prizes. 


A fantastic day was had by all!

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IMG 2875


IMG 2880


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IMG 2876


c392eda7 2356 4996 b029 e21dd7109b46

The most important part.....counting the money!!  Thank you and well done to Ms Kenneddy and Room 5 for co-ordinating our fantastic day today!!!  Having counted the money..we have a toal of €1090 euro!!! An amazing amount raised for a fantastic cause.

IMG 2883


Last but not least - the raffle ! A great way to end the day.

IMG 2886

December Update

We are looking forward to our fundraising day for St. Vincent de Paul this Friday the 13th of December.  It is a really fun day where students run a cake sale, a bric a brac stall and a jewellery stall as well.  There is also a raffle where can win all sorts of fantastic prizes!

If you would like to bake or send in something for the cake sale - please send it in with your child on the bus on Friday morning.  

If you would like to send in anything for the bric a brac stall (and thank you for all the donations received so far!!) please send it in with you child on the bus tomorrow or Thursday.  The types of things sold are pre-loved toys, games, books, unwanted gifts etc. 

Watch this space for photo updates!

Raffle prizes


A reminder also about our Christmas performance next Wednesday 18th of December at 11a.m.

The teachers and children are working so hard on their scenes at the moment, and cant wait to share it with you next week.  All welcome!

You can take your child home with you after the performance next Wednesday.  After the show, students will go back to their classrooms, and parents can collect them from their room.  

Looking forward to welcoming you then!


Dates for your Diary

Christmas Performance - Wednesday 18th December, approx. 11am

Last day of term - Friday 20th of December half day! Students finish school at 12 noon

Information Session for Parents Association - a date for the new year to be confirmed

Internet Safety/Cyberbullying evening session for parents - a date for the new year to be confirmed

First day of Term 2 - January 6th 2020

For students making their Confirmation: Wednesday 12th February 7pm (Chapel in the Mercy International Centre). Sunday 8th March: students will be confirmed as part of 11.30 am mass in St. Andrews Church in Westland Row.


Follow up to Parent Evening 

It was great to meet so many of you at the parent evening a few weeks ago.  Please find a copy of the notes here and the references can be found here . You contributed to detail some of the challenges from the first few weeks, and a more detailed response to the main themes can be found here.


Confirmation Enrolment Ceremony

Well done to our students, and students from Scoil Chaitríona Baggot St. who took part in the enrolment ceremony on Wednesday afternoon in the chapel in the International Mercy Centre. These students will be receiving the sacrament of confirmation in March, and have now officially started their preparation with Ms. Ní Chinnéide. 

enrolment ceremony 6.11.19


Welcome back!

We were glad to welcome students back after the mid term break, and well done to all of those students who kept reading during the break and filled in their reading log.  With seven weeks to go to the Christmas holidays - we are getting back to good habits with classwork and homework.  

Please ensure that you sign your child's reading log and journal every night. 


We enoyed a super spooky Hallowe'en Party just before the mid term break!

Room 1


Room 2


Room 3


Room 4


Room 5


Room 6


Room 7


Room 8


Room 9


Term 1 so far!

We were delighted to welcome Trish and Lisa from 'Hidden Strength' who gave a superb motivational talk to the whole school.  Their big messages included:

  • The are always opportunities in adversity
  • Try to find a moment's courage to take on challenges
  • If you experience a setback - acknowledge the feelings of disappointment. Then ask yourself if you want to try again, and if so "What do I need to tweak/improve?"
  • To succeed we have to get really good at trying again
  • Asking for help/encouragement can be really beneficial

Hidden Strength


We went out to protest about action needed for climate change as a whole school!

2019 09 20 14.08.26 2


2019 09 20 14.08.26 3


2019 09 20 14.08.26 4


Rooms 1 and 10 went to the launch of "The accidental adventures of Onion O'Brien: the head of Ned Belly" by Jason Byrne in the Liberty Hall Theatre.  Hannah and Mason were brave enough to get up on stage!!

2019 10 01 11.00.01


IMG 1143


IMG 1215


IMG 1262


We also went to the launch of Bressie's new book "Take 5" in Dubray Books.  We had a super morning.

Promo Take 5 photo


Take 5


Dubray take 5


Date for your diary! 

There will be a parent talk held in the school hall on the evening of Wednesday the 16th of October at 7p.m.. This is a really important evening to attend as it will give lots more information about placement, and the year ahead.  It is especially important for parents whose children have just stated here in Catherine McAuley.  I understand that it is a huge effort to come in, especially for families who are travelling a long distance - but it is a really important time of the year to link in with you. Looking forward to seeing you all then!

Room 5 Welcome Ministers McHugh and Madigan to Catherine McAuley NS!

Ms. Kennedy and the 6th class students in Room 5 did a fantastic job welcoming the Minister for Education, and the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht to our school today.  The school was also delighted to welcome the directors of the Arts Council and the Creative Ireland programme as part of this visit: as a grant award was made to Catherine McAuley NS as part of the Creative Schools Initiative announced today.

The students in Room 5 had been doing some cross curricular project work inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  They had made a range of model spaceships, complete with circuit driven lights and buzzers!  They had also made 'claymation' animations using the iPads, as well as using google docs to demonstrate their digital literacy skills.  Both ministers were really impressed with their creativity and ingenuity.  They did an outstanding job representing our school today - well done!

A crew from news2day also came to speak to Ms. Kennedy and the students about their wonderful project work - and their creative skills.  Dont forget to tune in today at 4.20 to see them on the show!

Well done Room 5!!!

IMG 0794


IMG 0798


IMG 0803


IMG 0811


IMG 0816


IMG 0826


IMG 0827


IMG 0836



Eoin made individualised name plates for Joe and Josepha - and he illustrated each letter of their name. They loved them!  

IMG 0928


IMG 0933



Great start to the first term!

Well done to all students on such a fantastic first full week back in school! It is great to see everyone settling in so well to the new school year in Catherine McAuley NS.

Show and Tell with rooms 1 and 2 

room 1 2 website 6.9.19



Room 3 working hard in maths

room 3 website 6.9.19


Room 4 sketching in the garden

room 4 website 6.9.19


Room 5 completing their space models in the garden

room 5 website 6.9.19


Room 6 with their brand new aquarium display

Room 6 website 6.9.19


Room 7 working hard

room 7 website 6.9.19


Room 8 taking a well earned break!

room 8 website 6.9.19


Room 9 writing planet poems

room 9 website 6.9.19


Room 10 playing maths games 

room 10 website 6.9.19


First Day of Term 2019/20! 

Welcome back to all returning and new students! School starts back on Thursday 29th September at 850 am. Bus drivers will be in contact to arrange pickups early in the week. We look forward to welcoming all students and remind everyone that all books and copies will be provided by the school. Just bring yourself, your pencil case, a healthy lunch and a great attitude to our new school year! 


Published authors in Catherine McAuley!

Congratulations to Emily Rose Hitchcock Agnew and Adam Young who had their merit stories from the 'Write A Book' project published in an anthology of stories from 6th class pupils. Superb achievement!!

IMG 9668

Sports Day 2019!

We had our sports day on Thursday 20th of June.  Juniors held theirs in Merrion Square, and seniors went to Herbert Park. A fantastic day was had by all!! Well done to all students for their participation and great attitude.

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cbde53c0 b471 41bd 9d99 abf584fd6b07

IMG 9593

IMG 9596

IMG 9598

IMG 9601

IMG 9604

IMG 9610

IMG 9612

IMG 9616

IMG 9617

IMG 9619

IMG 9628

IMG 9631

group seniors

IMG 9635


FAI soccer coaching session

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Visit from our favourite farmer! Eoin, who is a past pupil of Catherine McAuley NS brought his mobile farm to our yard! A super day was had by all.

IMG 9250

IMG 9251

IMG 9252

IMG 9253

IMG 9254


Trips in Term 3 Classes have been on some great trips this term. They have included:

The Botanic Gardens

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Fighting Words workshop: where students work with writers and illustrators to create their own text!

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Author visits to Dubray books: including Anna McPartlin

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Presentation to Self Help Africa We were delighted to present the cheque for €420 to Deborah from Self Help Africa.  Well done everyone! 

4e4f813d 3de6 4cee 9046 9bdb839b70ae


School Closure Tuesday 4th June  A reminder for parents that there will be a closure to facilitate an open day for new students starting in September 2019. School will re-open on Wednesday 5th June.


Coin Trail 2019! Well done to all students for taking part in our annual fund raising coin trail for Self Help Africa.  It was a great success, and congratilations to Room 4 for their amazingly long trail !

IMG 9063

IMG 9066

IMG 9073

IMG 9075

IMG 9080


School closure for polling on Friday 24th May! Parents please note that the school will be closed for polling. 


Santry 2019 Congratulation to all of the students who represented our school so well at both the track and field events at Morton Stadium.  Students trained really hard for these events, and we are really proud of all of our athletes!

09d60d7c 9897 4c11 a2bf bff7c32533c6

IMG 9826

IMG 9827


Follow up to ILSA conference  If you are a teacher who attended the conference and would like more information about further CPD opportunities please click here


May 2019 We couldn't believe our luck to find free ice cream in Merrion Square!

merrion sq 1

 merrion sq 2

April 2019  Our yard reward trips (positive reinforcement/whole school reward as part of our Code of Behaviour) took place just before the Easter holidays were fantastic! Seniors visited the Explorium sport and science museum.  Juniors went in two groups: to a playground/sports centre, and to the fire station in Dublin airport! Thanks to Karen, Elaine and Debbie.

playground 1            playground 2           playground 3 


                                                             IMG 9577

 IMG 9624   IMG 9640


                                                        IMG 9653  



Annual Hat Parade  Room 1 hosted a fantastic hat parade this afternoon.  All students took part and displayed their beautifully crafted hats...and got to share in the pot of gold!!

4e367e88 45dd 4cdf 949f 60641c3b7eb5

d46b8b12 068e 4eea 9761 b60a409e96d2


IMG 7700

IMG 7708

IMG 7713

IMG 7717

IMG 7750

IMG 7741

IMG 7759

IMG 7747

IMG 7740

IMG 7734

IMG 7753

IMG 7731

IMG 7755


Ceilí 2019!  We had a super ceilí this afternoon - well done all!

IMG 7683

 IMG 7678

IMG 7682

IMG 7686

IMG 7697

IMG 7691

IMG 7693

IMG 7695

IMG 7697


Congratulations to our 6th class students who made their confirmation in St. Andrew's on Westland Row yesterday!  We hope you had a fantastic day of celebration with your families.



It was great to welcome students back today after the mid term break!

Just a reminder that fortnightly swimming lessons will resume this week. 

The first group to resume this Wednesday the 27th of February will be seniors.  Juniors will start back next Wednesday the 6th of March.

Please ensure that your child comes to school with a towel, swimming togs and a hat on their designated day.



Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back for the first day of term on Monday 7th of January.

Reminder: There will be a school closure for curriculum development on Monday 14th of January

As we are beginning a new school term, we wish to do so on a positive note - and look forward to a successful and fun term ahead.  In the coming week we will be once again reinforcing our class, school and bus rules. This is a good time to speak to your child about rules on the bus, especially those ensuring safety: seat belts must be worn at all times, and mobile phones/tablets/tech with a camera/recording function are not permitted on school transport.

Also a reminder that there is a school calendar printed on the inside of the back cover of your child's school journal.



Dates for your diary

Friday 14th December 2018: Student fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul. 

Wednesday 19th December: Christmas performance 11am sharp in the hall.  After the performance if you would like to take your child home you can sign them out from their classroom. 

Friday 21st December: Last day of term, school finishes at 12 noon.

Monday 7th January 2019: First day of the new term.



Reminder 20/11/2018 Internet safety talk, all welcome 630 pm

Some of our fantastic Halloween costumes! 

room 8 haloweenroom5 haloweenroom1 halloween


Dates for your diary: 

17th October: Open Night 7pm in the school hall

School closed for election Friday October 26th.

School closed for mid term October 28-november 2nd inclusive. 

20th November: Internet Safety/Cyberbullying talk for parents, 6.30pm in school



Fantastic morning with Ciaran, Rory and Mike from Fitter Faster Stronger gym on Leeson St., who visited school today.

Ciaran shared his experience of being dyslexic, and the strategies that have worked for him (like us...he loves Roald Dahl!)

He spoke to the students about the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Healthy food
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Positive minset and self talk
  • Daily exercise

They led a session in the hall which was great fun, and this ended with the wall sit challenge!!

 IMG 4568IMG 4569IMG 4572


Welcome back 2018 -2019 

School starts back on Thursday August 30 th at 845 am.

All books and copies are supplied through school Book rental scheme so all you child needs is a pencil case , a healthy lunch and a drink. 

You bus driver will be in touch before Thursday . Any enquiries about buses should be addressed to school transport on 01 8302222

Children will be assigned to classes on Thursday, subject to change in the first month. 

Look forward to seeing you all on Thursday !



Write a book 2013 Congratulations to all our winners and runners up!

write a book 2013 001

write a book 2013 002

write a book 2013 003

write a book 2013 004

write a book 2013 005

write a book 2013 006

write a book 2013 007

St patrick's hat parade 2012

st patricks hats 2012 018

st patricks hats 2012 019

st patricks hats 2012 020

st patricks hats 2012 021

st pats hats 2013 003

st pats hats 2013 006

st pats hats 2013 009

st pats hats 2013 009

st pats hats 2013 016

st pats hats 2013 028

st pats hats 2013 030


St patricks day 2014

So creative and so much fun....our annual hat parade always brings out the best in the whole school community !!Well Done to Room 1 and everyone for another successful hat parade !!

St Patrick's Day 2013

st pats hats 2013 003

st pats hats 2013 006

st pats hats 2013 016

st pats hats 2013 028

st pats hats 2013 030

st pats hats 2013 009