Santry 2013

As always our athletic team made us very proud of their wonderful sportsmanship attitude and behaviour....we had a great day...well done to all our teams!!

santry 2013 001

Nativity 2012

As always the children put on a lovely show of drama and singing and we were delighted to see so many families in the audience. Here is a selection of photos from the preformance.

nativity 2012 001

nativity 2012 006

nativity 2012 007

nativity 2012 008

nativity 2012 009

nativity 2012 010

nativity 2012 011


Coin Trail 2013

Congratulations and well done to Ms. Brennan and everyone who contributed to make the 2013 Coin Trail a huge success. This year by bringing in small change and loose coins we succeeded in raising over 700 euro for Self Help. We have been working with Self Help Africa for many years raising funds for their valuable African projects. This year Room 2 were the overwhelming fundraising winners, well done !  You can have a look at Self help Africa  at their website or see more photos 

coin trail 004

Ceili 2012

ceili 2012 060

ceili 2012 008

Our annual ceili was a great success...well done to everyone who learned all the dances!

ceili 2012 003


ceili 2012 001