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Welcome to room 1 2017-18
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Welcome to a new year in Room 1. 
In September we went to meet author Joe O'Brien who has written lots of interesting books including the Alfie Green books. We were able to ask him lots of questions and he read to us. It was a super trip! Our school has bought lots of his books so now we can borrow them and read them at home. Teacher is reading one of his books to us in class. 
We went for a tour in the Natural History Museum. We saw lots of animals and our guide told us some amazing facts. When we got back to class we drew our favourite animal. 
history museum october 2015
We went to Pearse Street Library and got out some books too!
We painted some amazing self portraits that are displayed in the hallway. We used oil pastels and pencils. 
We have all picked a topic to do a project on and the projects are all in now!! We have presented the projects to our class but next week we will present the projects to the rest of the school - we can't wait!!
We have projects on Clothes, Dancing, Gymnastics, WWI and WWII, The Earth and The Sun and animals such as cats, jellyfish and dinosaurs!!
We are still going swimming every fortnight
We wrote some Acrostic Monster Poems and read them out at an assembly. We read lots of poems and stories about monsters before we imagained what our monsters might be like, then we drew them. The poems are amazing!
Halloween Party
On Friday 23rd October we had a Halloween party. We all dressed up and had great fun. Here is a photo of our class. Ms. Cronin came as a lollipop lady ..... and best of all ... she had lollipops in her pocket!!
 halloween picture 2015